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Originally we only specialised in rubble removal and have been in that space for over 10 years.We however kept getting requests for small load furiture removals and medium load furniture removals.Upon further inquiry we received a number of complaints about the big moving companies in Pretoria:

  • The furniture removal companies gave a wide array of different truck sizes for hire which was confusing to clients as they didn’t really know which was the most appropriate truck size.Resulting in them ordering an ‘over-kill” or an ‘under-kill’ costing them more money unnecessarily in both instances.
  • The big moving companies charged them per hour pricing,labour costs/loader,wrapping fees,peak-prices,blanket fees etc so eventually the clients weren’t really sure about the price they were paying,they came of as ‘hidden costs’ to the clients in most instances.
  • The process of hiring a removalist was tediouis in most instances with the clients being asked to send emails,wait for furniture inventory list,fill in the furniture inventory list,email back,wait for a quotation,confirm scheduled time et.c which we believe is unnecessary ‘red tape’ and time wasting.
  • Most of the big furniture transport companies did not cater for small load furniture removals be it household furniture or office furniture for smaller household,flats,town houses and single household furniture items as most of their trucks only start from 4-tonne trucks and a crew of 5  which will really be unncessary for say a few office desks and chairs or a 2 bedroom apartment.The result being that the clients had to pay for a full load when in actual fact their furniture was only half a load or so and also pay the extra labour for doing particularly nothing.

It’s because of these and other reasons that we eventually decided to launch The Moving Company Pretoria.We are based in Pretoria but we work all over Gauteng.




  • We offer simple no frills furniture removals.We use a 1.5 Tonne truck and two trailer sizes a 3/4 Tonne trailer and a 2-Tonne trailer.
  • You simply call/send a Watsapp message and provide us with the stuff you want removed or the size of trailer you require.
  • Our trucks come with a driver and assistants so no need to pay for extra hands and driver fee.
  • We cater for small load removal and medium-large furniture removals.


Vehicles we utilise for our furniture removal projects in Pretoria;


1.5 Tonne Truck

  • Maximum Weight Capacity:1 500Kg
  • Loading Deck Dimensions:2.78m * 1.63m
  • Can carry 2 normal double beds,2 two seater couches,washing machine,medium fridge and a few small things.


3/4 Tonne Trailer

  • Maximum Weight Capacity:750 Kg
  • Trailer Dimensions:3m * 1.8m*1.2m
  • Suitable for an average 2 bedroom apartment full move when paired with the 1.5-tonne truck.


2-Tonne Trailer

  • Maximum Weight Capacity:2 000Kg
  • Loading Deck Dimensions:4m Length * 1.8m Height * 1.2m Width
  • Suitable for a 2-3 bedroom apartment/house move when paired with the 1.5 Tonne truck

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Telephone : 012 004 1297
WATSAPP/TEXT : 065 815 5000

some of  moving company pretoria  projects at a glance:


Affordable and quick,they changed me 40% less than the big guys.If you want a quick,affordable and no nonsense move this is your team.


Very satisfied with these guys,i’m glad service still exists!I highly recommend them especially for small to medium moves.


Thank you guys,you made the moving quick and a breeze and nothing was broken you really took care of my stuff,it was such a pleasure dealing with you.


Why choose moving company pretoria?

We provide affordable sevices

We are aware that most of our clients are requesting our services on a tight budget,hence we offer affordable services that won’t break the bank,we are able to achieve this by cutting down costs and eliminating wastages and unnecessary expenses.We also don’t have hidden costs so won’t be unpleasantly surprised when the invoice comes!

We have vast experiece in the transport business

With over 10 years experience in the transport and truck hire business in Pretoria you are rest assured your furniture and goods are in safe hands.

We have reliable & friendly teams

Our teams are experienced and passionate about their work and are all thoroughly vetted.So are are rest assured your furniture and goods will be safe and handled with utmost care.

We provide a fast,efficient and expedient service

We put a special emphasis on providing our valued customers with a fast and efficient service by employing effective transportation strategies and tools to prevent time delays and inconveniences to our customer and to meet our promised timelines.


Satisfied Customers

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