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Rubble Removal PRETORIA WEST

Rubble Removal Pretoria West  Takes Care Of The Following In Pretoria West:

Household Junk & Rubble

Firstly  Rubble Removal Pretoria West takes care of all household junk and rubble which includes anything from chairs to geysers and anything in-between in Pretoria West.

Building Rubble

We remove all kinds of building rubble this includes concrete,sand,bricks,wood,metal or anything that is left behind at building sites,we also remove sand,bricks and any other building materials in and outside building sites In Pretoria West.

Garden Waste/Refuse

Apart from that we also take care of all types of floor refuse including but not limited to: leaves,twigs,branches,manure,debris and any other kind of floor refuse in Pretoria West.

Demolition site rubble

We remove rubble from demolition sites, from broken down bricks and concrete to hanging wires left behind after demolition in Pretoria West.

Business Waste

Rubble Removal Pretoria West takes care of any kind of business waste/refuse that is gathered at business premises,this can be office papers,old folders,broken down computers,laptops,dismantled furniture or anything unwanted at the business location in Pretoria West.

Any unwanted waste/rubble/refuse

We take care of all sorts of rubble/waste/refuse or rubbish,as long as its heaping up and you don’t want it,we will remove it anywhere in Pretoria West!

Rubble Removal PRETORIA west “TOOLBOX”

Some of the vehicles we utilise for our projects in Pretoria West;

1)TLBs (Tractor Loader Backhoes)

2)Tipper Trucks


1)TLBs (Tractor Loader Backhoes)

2)Tipper Trucks


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some of  rubble removal Pretoria west’s projects at a glance:


Thanks a lot guys our yard is now so clear and uncluttered,we never knew we still had such a a beautiful yard lol
Riaan & Sonja

Rubble Removal Experts are the Rockstars of Removal period!

I’m quite impressed with the work you did at the construction site your guys were professional and expedient,i will certainly make use of your services on my next project.

Why Choose Rubble Removal PRETORIA west

We are Experienced & Professional

Rubble Removal Pretoria West has over 10 years experience in the rubble removal business.In the decade we have completed 1000+ removals at numerous sites in and around Pretoria.

We are local council regulations /laws abiding

Our vision is also to better the environment in our own small way hence we  follow all the dumping and disposal  regulations that are set by the City Of Tshwane.We also recycle any recyclable material from our sites.

We provide free new consultation

Rubble Removal Pretoria West provides you with free new advice pertaining to the requirements demanded by your project,this includes:site preparation,labour and tools to successfully carryout your project.

We provide a fast,efficient and expedient service

Rubble Removal Pretoria West puts a special emphasis on providing our valued customers with a fast and efficient service by employing effective rubble or refuse removal strategies and tools to prevent time delays and inconveniences to our customer and to meet our promised deadlines.

We provide affordable services

We are aware that most of our clients are requesting our services on a tight budget,hence we offer affordable services that won’t break your bank,we are able to achieve this by cutting down costs and eliminating wastages and unnecessary expenses in our value chain.

We don’t wish to satisfy our valued clients but to amaze them!

We have stringent job evaluation standards after project completion that helps us ensure that we leave our customers amazed!.

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Satisfied Customers

  • Household Junk & Rubble Gone 100% 100%
  • Building Rubble Gone 100% 100%
  • Garden Waste/Refuse Gone 100% 100%
  • Demolition Site Rubble Gone 100% 100%
  • Business Waste Gone 100% 100%
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